The Evolution of Marketing

A week ago, Doug Lacombe, President of Communicatto, came to our e-Marketing class to talk about the evolution of marketing.

Communicatto is a company that helps large B2B and industrial companies with digital marketing and social media, so he decided to shared with us some important information about marketing and its evolution.

Now days the majority of the companies are using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, to advertise their products to the public. Marketing is changing radically in the way that “marketing is becoming digital and digital is becoming marketing”.

While traditional marketing refers to the 4 Ps: price, place, product, promotion;  e-marketing is a combination of sales, marketing, advertising and PR/community.

The first thing we must have is clear business goals followed by communication and marketing goals. All of them get together into the digital marketing goals.

He also talked about the social media adoption curve (picture taken from This curve explains how the organizations go though when breaking into and then evolving in the world of social media:


Another important fact that he mentioned is the strategic plan that Communicatto uses. It is called SOSTAC system and provides framework for digital strategy. SOSTAC refers to the situation, objective, strategy, tactics, actions and control in the company. It also refers to 3 important questions:

-What we do?

– What are our goals?

– What are our objectives?

As shown in the picture above, found in marketing is evolving and will continually evolve so it can be difficult to keep to date with what is going on or to understand the issues and benefits involved in using different marketing medium.


Doug Lacombe concluded his presentation saying that digital needs a media mix like traditional does, based on target audiences (POST).

Experiment, be prepared to fail fast, measure everything, be brutally honest in assessing ROI, refine, try again.


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